The Electricity and Gas Complaints Commissioner Scheme offers a free and independent service for resolving complaints about electricity and gas companies.

Make a complaint online, or call free 0800 22 33 40.

Judi Jones is the Electricity and Gas Complaints Commissioner. If a complaint cannot be resolved between the parties,
Ms Jones can make a
Judi Jones Electricity and Gas Complaints Commissioner
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In the news

Higher future power prices loom as generators cut gas, coal

The future wholesale price of electricity is already rising, following decisions by three of the country's electricity generators to close more than 1,000 Megawatts of installed generation capacity that uses gas and coal to run.

Electricity industry welcomes review of tree regulations

Trees falling on power lines create risks to people and property, and lead to higher power prices for consumers, says Graeme Peters, chief executive of the Electricity Networks Association (ENA). “These risks and costs could be reduced if industry had a greater ability to manage trees before they fall on lines, but the current rules aren’t working effectively,” Mr Peters said.

Recent case notes

Summary of recent complaints and their outcomes. Search all case notes
Type Case Year Issues Outcome
Electricity 50348 2014 lines Recommendation - upheld
Electricity 50001 2014 billing - customer service - supply - meters Recommendation - upheld
Electricity 49809 2014 Supply - planned outage - loss of business Recommendation - upheld
Electricity 49258 2014 customer service - billing Recommendation - upheld
Electricity 48429 2014 customer service - reconnection Recommendation - not upheld
Electricity 44878 2014 Billing – pricing plan - Customer service – provision of information – poor quality information Recommendation - upheld
Electricity 39982 2014 Billing - low user tariff Binding decision