The Electricity and Gas Complaints Commissioner Scheme offers a free and independent service for resolving complaints about electricity and gas companies.

Make a complaint online, or call free 0800 22 33 40.

Judi Jones is the Electricity and Gas Complaints Commissioner. If a complaint cannot be resolved between the parties,
Ms Jones can make a
Judi Jones Electricity and Gas Complaints Commissioner
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Recent case notes

Summary of recent complaints and their outcomes. Search all case notes
Type Case Year Issues Outcome
Electricity 48771 2014 Customer service - poor attitude - Billing - back bill - disputing back bill - Switch - error - wrong site Settled
Electricity 48107 2014 Customer service - poor attitude - Disconnection - Vacant premises No further investigation
Electricity 43843 2013 Billing - back bill - disputing back bill Recommendation - upheld
Electricity 42512 2013 Billing - back bill - disputed Settled
Electricity 39843 2013 Billing - disputed - Property - tenanted - vacant Binding decision
Electricity 39442 2013 Billing - high - Customer service Recommendation - upheld
Electricity 39075 2013 Meter - fault - compensation Recommendation - upheld