The Electricity and Gas Complaints Commissioner Scheme offers a free and independent service for resolving complaints about electricity and gas companies.

You can make a complaint online, or you can call 0800 22 33 40.

Judi Jones is the Electricity and Gas Complaints Commissioner. If a complaint cannot be resolved between the parties,
Ms Jones can make a
Judi Jones Electricity and Gas Complaints Commissioner
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In the news

Power bills blow out beyond forecast

Wellington households are being hit with electricity price jumps of up to $13 a month as prices soar.

Hundreds switch power firms

The number of Tauranga residents switching power providers hit a 10-year high in March as Trustpower battled to win back customers lost in aggressive marketing campaigns by rivals.

Payless Energy no longer smallest

Boutique Otago electricity retailer Payless Energy can now claim not to be the smallest company in the growing retail market...

Recent case notes

Summary of recent complaints and their outcomes. Search all case notes
Type Case Year Issues Outcome
Electricity 40653 2013 Contract - quantum meruit Binding decision
Land 40012 2013 Damage - compensation Recommendation - upheld
Electricity 39843 2013 Billing - disputed - Property - tenanted - vacant Binding decision
Electricity 36684 2013 Contract - quantum meruit - Disconnection - Supply Recommendation - upheld
Electricity 34553 2013 High bills - meter Recommendation - not upheld


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