The Electricity and Gas Complaints Commissioner Scheme offers a free and independent service for resolving complaints about electricity and gas companies.

Make a complaint online, or call free 0800 22 33 40.

Judi Jones is the Electricity and Gas Complaints Commissioner. If a complaint cannot be resolved between the parties,
Ms Jones can make a
Judi Jones Electricity and Gas Complaints Commissioner
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In the news

Did you leave the lights on again?

A new survey by consumer research company Canstar Blue shines a light on Kiwis’ electricity habits discovering that 15% of those in shared living situations have fought about excessive energy use, closely followed by raised tempers at lights being left on (13%).

Secure power system, but more costly electricity

New Zealand has one of the most secure energy systems in the world, ranking fourth among the top 25 users in the world. But the country has lost its previously high ranking for cheap power according to an international survey. The International Index of Energy Security Risk showed that for most of the period since 1980 New Zealand had "benefited from relatively low electricity rates".

Recent case notes

Summary of recent complaints and their outcomes. Search all case notes
Type Case Year Issues Outcome
Electricity 51604 2014 customer service - billing Recommendation - not upheld
Electricity 50348 2014 lines Recommendation - upheld
Electricity 48771 2014 Customer service - poor attitude - Billing - back bill - disputing back bill - Switch - error - wrong site Settled
Electricity 48726 2014 billing_lines charges_no contract Recommendation - upheld
Electricity 48107 2014 Customer service - poor attitude - Disconnection - Vacant premises No further investigation
Electricity 42852 2014 billing - high - disputed back bill Recommendation - not upheld
Electricity 39442 2013 Billing - high - Customer service Recommendation - upheld